Panic! at the disco and genre over the ages

Today we are going to talk about Panic! at the disco. Over the years Panic at the disco has changed drastically from where they started. Let’s go back to 2005 whenever they released their first professional album “A fever you can’t sweat out”. if you listen to the que’s through out most of the songs on this album you will notice it is for the most part it comes from rock roots with heavy guitars and upbeat drums. They moved to their next album “Pretty Odd” and changed their style drastically to more of an indie rock feel steering away from their upbeat rock feel. Following their second album half of the band quit after disputes of which direction that the bands music was going. we were then left with an album “vices and virtues” which seemingly switched back to the more original style of panic. With their fourth album it was decided to change their style yet again and swapped over to a much more pop rock style of music. They have since stuck with it. You can see this still today with the latest studio release of “death of a bachelor.

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