Bring Me The Horizon has just released two new songs from their up coming album! today we are going to talk about the song “Dear Diary” in particular. So over the years bring me the horizon has faded from their metal roots and went more for a pop rock feel with songs like drown and mantra. Let me just say that their new album is going to be a lot more true to their roots with songs like “Dear Diary” included! Oliver Sykes is finally back to screaming with the best of them! This new song in particular has switched into high gear with its raging distorted guitars and screaming vocals, literally! If you have been a fan of Bring Me The Horizons older style of music but not their newer style then you should check this song out one hundred percent! I’ll leave a link at the bottom of the blog for you guys so you don’t have to waste time searching it up yourself and you can get right into the awesomeness!

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