Is Metallica still Metallica?

Hey Guys! Today I wanna talk about Metallica. Over the years Metallica has released some amazing music and a heap of “hits”. They have always stuck to their roots as a classical metal band. Even as time has went on they have kept what made Metallica, Metallica. However recently they released a new song featuring the San Francisco Symphony and to be honest it seems very light and very dull in comparison to most of their original content. I will say however that it is beautiful. James Hetfield is still himself and you can tell in his voice BUT the rest of the band seems to have dwindled down into what I consider to be pop rock. There is nothing wrong with pop rock but it just doesn’t feel very Metallica. If anything it feels like some other band featuring James in their new song. I want to know your opinions on it though! I will leave a link at the bottom of the blog so you guys can decide for yourselves. Seriously though, I need feed back pleeease!

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