Best guitarist of our time?

So after scouring the web for more opinions than my own I have come up with a few Guitarists that could be considered the best of our time. Now today we are just going to talk about musicians that are still playing or were still playing between 2010 and today. to kick the list off we will start with Johnny Greenwood from Radio Head. Johnny has been on every list that I have seen today. Personally I am not a fan of his style of playing but in all fairness he is phenomenal at what he does. Arguably the best in his genre. Next on the list would have to be John Fruscainte from Red Hot Chili Peppers. He has been on most of if not all of the lists I have seen and in most places pretty high on their lists. Myself I love John’s music! RHCP has been a huge inspiration to me and my music that I play personally so I had to put him on this list. Next up would have to be John Mayer. John Mayer has been playing music for what seems like forever and has only gotten better and more tasteful with time! Not to mention he has probably sold more music than the other two guitarist combined. Finally this list would not be completed without arguably the best guitarist of all time Slash. Slash also has been around forever and has released more music and made more money at what he does than anyone on the list and even in his old age is still jammin, writing, and touring to this day! I hope you guys enjoyed my list. Let me know some opinions guys!

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