Cool Collabs I wish were real

Hey Guys!
Today we’re going to talk about collaborations! What collaborations that I feel would be amazing. First we will start with my favorite two bands being A Day To Remember and Asking Alexandria. I personally feel like Danny Worsnop would be a phenomenal artist to collab with A Day To Remember because his vocals would mesh perfectly with Jeremy McKinney’s vocals and it would match the music pretty well as well. Plus these two bands are amazing in their own rights. I would suggest that Jeremy should be featured on an album of Asking Alexandria but his vocals wouldn’t match the new style of music they have been playing nearly as well as the alternate. Another collab that I would like to see is (hear me out) I Prevail and Hale storm. I feel like Brian’s wide range from some lows to his highs would match perfectly with Lizzy Hale’s powerful voice. Any one else have any suggestions?

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