Cool Collabs I wish were real

Hey Guys!Today we’re going to talk about collaborations! What collaborations that I feel would be amazing. First we will start with my favorite two bands being A Day To Remember and Asking Alexandria. I personally feel like Danny Worsnop would be a phenomenal artist to collab with A Day To Remember because his vocals wouldContinue reading “Cool Collabs I wish were real”

Is Metallica still Metallica?

Hey Guys! Today I wanna talk about Metallica. Over the years Metallica has released some amazing music and a heap of “hits”. They have always stuck to their roots as a classical metal band. Even as time has went on they have kept what made Metallica, Metallica. However recently they released a new song featuringContinue reading “Is Metallica still Metallica?”

Asking Alexandria, Danny or Denis?

Ok so, there have been two lead vocalist for the band Asking Alexandria over the years. Their names are Danny Worsnop and Denis Stoff. That being said there has been an ongoing argument amongst fans. Who is better? Danny who was the original vocalist or Denis the replacement for Danny? Now keep in mind weContinue reading “Asking Alexandria, Danny or Denis?”

Panic! at the disco and genre over the ages

Today we are going to talk about Panic! at the disco. Over the years Panic at the disco has changed drastically from where they started. Let’s go back to 2005 whenever they released their first professional album “A fever you can’t sweat out”. if you listen to the que’s through out most of the songsContinue reading “Panic! at the disco and genre over the ages”